Fred Schrader was murdered in 1992 while they were camping on some desert land near the town of Apache Junction. This was a pointed lesson in the warning that people are still being killed over disputes regarding gold, or gold claims. Although they were not mining or prospecting on this land, the miner who shot Fred believed that they were standing in the way of his desire to mine the area. This left Elaine alone to continue their dreams for the business and the club.     Elaine was very active in the community, as a member of the local Chamber of Commerce, volunteering to take part in community activities which involved local schools, and other groups. She also taught classes in different aspects of prospecting and mining at the local community college in Conjunction with the Parks and Recreation Programs.
     As part of the Club's endeavors, an annual hunt was organized, with the first hint being held in 1989. this hunt was originally called the SMTH Hunt, but after Fred's death, the Club voted unanimously to change the name to the 'Fred Schrader Memorial Hunt'. The hunt continued this way until 2003. The first hunt had about 28 entries and about $200 in prizes. The 2005 Hunt boasted over 200 entries with over $20,000 in gold, coins and prizes being awarded. The 2006 Hunt was again very successful. with a like amount of entries and prize packages.
     Failing health forced Elaine to sell the business in 2000, but she continued to hold onto the Club, relying on volunteer help to carry it forward. Prior to her death in May, 2003 Elaine passed on her leadership role as President and CEO to two of her closest friends, Ted and Martha Montague, who were members of SMTH. They continued to pursue the original dream that she and Fred shared for the Club, which were; finding gold, adventure and the treasure of friends who share the same goals. The Club has continued to grow and prosper, gaining in both members and available mining claims. The Club has continued to sponsor the annual hunt with one change, it is now known as the 'Fred & Elaine Schrader Memorial Hunt', and is now planning the 18th annual hint for February, 2007.
     This information is provided by Martha Montague, a friend of the Schrader's since 1987, and is intended solely for the reading pleasure of those who visit this Website, and those who knew and loved the Schrader's, as she and her husband, Ted did. This is dedicated to the wealth of friends, whose worth is valued greater than the gold that we seek.
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