When you first learn prospecting you need some helpers to teach you the tricks and techniques of finding gold. Someone who knows where all the 'good places' are for panning or metal detecting.  Someone with whom to share the excitement of your finds. Where to find that someone? In a treasure hunter's club! The members of a treasure hunting club will gladly share their experiences, knowledge and techniques as well as showing you the shortcuts and better ways to be successful in prospecting or detecting for coins and relics.
Come in and see the many items of special interest we have on display. See raw gold nuggets, some of which were found by our club members. Examine the photos of the Matchbox made from gold found under the Dutchman's bed at the time of his death. Then compare it with the photo of Kochera's gold ore found in the Superstitions in the 1960's. One test says there is more than a 75% probability the gold is from the same vein as the Dutchman's gold ore specimen owned by a local businessman.
Club Headquarters is in the office of Promack Treasure Hunting Store, which makes it very convenient for our members who need to purchase books, pans, detectors and other mining supplies. They graciously give a 10% discount to our Club members, and provide space for viewing videos, panning and visiting with other members.
Free gold panning lessons and a learning center. Watch videos and see how the professionals do it. Pick up the monthly Newsletter listing the activities schedule for club meetings, fabulous guest speakers, classes, field trips and treasure hunts. Swap tall tales and see real gold and treasure. Hold a real gold nugget and discover how to find your own.
Superstition Mountain Treasure Hunters (SMTH) meets at 7:00 pm the first Monday of each month (check our newletter for the upcoming location).  Visitors are invited to attend one monthly meeting and one Club outing as our guest before joining.  After joining, members are required to pay annual membership dues.
Keep your eyes open as you wander around the Club Headquarters, for you never know which famous treasure hunter you might see there..... maybe even the ghost of Jacob Waltz, who stops by from time to time, leading his faithful burro.
Hear renowned 'Dutch Hunters' Bob Corbin, Ron Feldman & Bob Schoose; mining expert and author Dave McCracken, who is also President of the New 49'ers Club in Happy Camp, CA. Jimmy 'Sierra' Normandi, international detectorist and treasure hunter and many other authors, gold miners and TH'ers.
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